Monday, September 26, 2005

Okie Bloggin', Take 9

A quick trip around the blogosphere and a few of our favorite Okie-based bloggers:

Okiedoke ponders, in a way, the meaning of life.

Kind of a philosophical mood in the air, I suppose. An Audience of One also muses on the meaning of it all.

The estimable Mr. Hill of dustbury touts The God Who Wasn't There, an eye-opening documentary that examines Christianity.

Existential Ramble's Literary Tech takes a weary look at the Catholic Church's latest assault on gay priests.

Speaking of weary, A Fistful of Fortnights has some reservations about rebuilding a city that happens to be well below sea level.

The Left End of the Dial examines one of the more troubling news stories of Iraqi prisoner abuse, allegations involving some members of the 82nd Airborne Division.

Life and Deatherage explores media gluttony in Oklahoma City.

Oklahomily is relieved -- sorta, kinda --to see Hillary Clinton acting like the liberal she is (we suspect he's being a bit sarcastic).

Okie Funk shudders at the potential battleground of Oklahoma in the culture wars for gay-bashing creationists.

Our pal, ex-Okie Token Liberal, lets his gray roots show with thoughts on Earth, Wind & Fire and Paul McCartney.

The Subjective Scribe , one of our favorite newer additions to Okieblog Land, has trouble understanding the priorities of the new-found war on porn.

Who are the hottest Playboy Playmates of all time? Never one to shy away from the Big Questions, Lip Schtick offers her top five.

The Blue Dot Blog laments the Democrats' knack for overplaying their hand.

Dr. Pants of Wholesale Pants Warehouse fame lets us in on his dream job. What a coincidence. It's our dream job, too.

Oklarama is being plain squirrelly.

Dirtyashtray scoffs at those silly Texans with their deadly radio contests.

What is Reflection in d minor's Lynn reading these days? I dunno. Alaska. Heh, heh. Get it?

And as always, The Daily Bitch still has no permalinks, so all I can do is refer the whole dang site to you.


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